At My Table

I found this to be a fun and interesting song. I am a bit of a fan of JJ Heller and find her attitude as well as her songs to be honest and sweet. Be blessed today!

Sunday Morning Hymn – I’ll Fly Away

Something a little upbeat today. I’ll Fly away was written by Albert Brumley in 1929 and sung by people everywhere since as an exuberant expression of our joyful hope of heaven. As my old pastor used to say, If you can’t clap on this one, your arm must be broken!” Be blessed. Smile in the…

In the Garden

If we will choose to spend time with Jesus while the dew is still on the roses He will walk and talk with us even in the midst of today’s traffic jam!

Hymnsing Day 7 Father Along

There are so many struggles we have experienced on this side of the river that we don’t really get. But W A Flethcher’s straight forward lyrics point us to the person and ┬áplace that holds all our answers. Trusting Him in the uncertainty of today gives us the promise of a peace that is greater…