Jesus: The Name of Christmas


    Matthew 1:32  And she will have a son and you are to name Him Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins…

    Luke 1:30-31  “Don’t be afraid, Mary,” the angel told her, ” for you have found favor with God.” .  You will conceive and give birth to a son and you will name him Jesus.”

When God gave the name Jesus it is interesting to see that he spoke separately both to Joseph and to Mary. To Mary Gabriel explained all that Jesus would do as the Messiah, but to Joseph God defined the name. The name Jesus was given because God had given His Son, not only to teach us the ways of Heaven, heal our sickness, or give us a comfortable life; Jesus came to save His people from their sins.
One of the most beautiful sounds in all the world to each of us is the sound of our own name. We love to hear our name mentioned especially if it is linked with assurance, love or praise. The sound I want most to hear as I cross into eternity is my own name being called by God himself with the phrase “Well done good and faithful servant” Our name is what calls our attention at any moment.
Imagine now as Jesus entered the world cradled in Mary’s arms in that stable in Bethlehem on the first Christmas morning. One of the first words Mary and Joseph would say was, “Jesus!”  God had kept His promise to them just as He said. From that day forward every time Jesus heard His own name it would be a reminder of why He had come. When He was growing up in the home with His brothers and Mary called out, “Jesus” he would remember that he was different. God had sent Him not just to be born in the humble stable, but also one day to give His life to save His people. Where ever Jesus went, whatever He was doing, when he would turn to the sound of His name He would be reminded of the reason He had come.
At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry in Nazareth when He began to explain that He was coming to fulfill the prophecies of Isaiah, the Bible tells us that they were so angry that they took him out and were ready to through him over a cliff! Yet miraculously Jesus slipped away because “His hour had not yet come” There was always that awareness through Jesus ministry and teaching of the approaching hour. He told his brothers one day, “Any time is good for you, but my hour has not yet come”
As Jesus prayed in the garden, struggling with the thoughts of the cross he said, “… should I pray, ‘ Father, save me from this hour.’ ? But this is the very reason I came.” John 12:27 Later when he finished praying he went back to the disciples and found them sleeping he said, “…Are you still sleeping and resting? Look the hour has come…”
All that God had promised in the name Jesus was about to be fulfilled and Jesus began the terrible process of paying for the sins of us all. He was determined that no obstacle would keep him back. He accepted no protection and looked for no escape. To the very end Jesus was true to His name, the name that is now above all names. Jesus is the name before which every knee will bow in both heaven and earth. It is a mighty name and a name that gives hope in dark places. Jesus is a name that brings healing and a name that forgives sins. 

Jesus is the name that never loses its power and it is the name given on Christmas for us all!
Jesus is the name given just for you. Jesus is the name of Christmas…