When the Cows Come Home





There they were in the middle of the road in front of our pick-up. In that situation you need to just put the truck in park and enjoy the scenery because cows never hurry to do anything they don’t want to do.

When people say they’ll wait till the cows come home they may not have had cows of their own. Most of the time my own experience is that they don’t come home at all. Some one has to go and find them, get them all together and then Guide, drive and lead them back to where they need to be!

Their own pasture is safe and green and comfortable but the break in the fence line beckons them with an allure to a new and potentially dangerous place (in this case the middle of the road!) I am so glad that God calls us His sheep and not His cattle. Sheep will always follow their shepherd and He will stay with them. Cows must be forced back into their own field then left alone. Jesus has promised He will always be at our side. So wait all you like for the cows to come but they’ll wander off again the first chance they get because home just isn’t in their hearts!