A New Journey Begins

God could give us silver or gold. He could make us famous, talented or politically powerful. But instead He gave us His word. Jesus was the Word made flesh and at His birth the Bible tells us that Mary treasured up all these things in her heart. Why not follow her example this year and invest in a journey to discover the treasures of God’s word?

If you have been blessed through the meditations here on this blog you may consider my newest collection for 2019. Be blessed and be true to Him whatever you do all through this New Year. He has promised never to leave us and for all the unseen roads ahead He has offers Himself as our Good Shepherd and guide. A New Journey is a full year of daily readings with a new verse for each day. A productive quiet time with Jesus is not just about how much of the Bible we read,, but how much of it we understand and are ready to put into practice. New Journey is available in both e-book and softcover format. You can either follow the link here or find it on Amazon, Have a blessed New Year!

A New Journey Begins



New Journey


A New Journey Begins

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