God’s Construction Project

Nearly everybody (Including me) is interested in discovering their ministry. We buy books, attend training sessions and try our hand at lots of various opportunities. There is nothing wrong and a lot right with the desire to serve. God is excited to get going with a construction project called reconciliation. He wants us reconciled and He is more than eager to use us to participate in reconciliation in the lives of others. But if we begin by focusing on what we want, what interests us and where we like to serve we are doomed to destruction not construction!


Notice this verse begins with God. Until everything belongs to Him in our attitudes, in our words and in our actions not much is really going on even if our life is filled with activities. If we go galloping off before surrendering in these areas God has a way of pulling back on our reins and bringing us to a screeching halt. Here is what Jesus says,

…  apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5

He doesn’t say “without me you can’t do much.” or “Without me you won’t reach your full potential” It’s like pregnancy. You either are or you are not. Just as the Japanese signed a document of unconditional surrender at the end of WW2, so we must totally yield ourselves to Christ. The good news about reconciliation begins the moment the ink is dry on our commitment of faith. All that we once possessed now belongs to God but all that He possesses belongs to us. God moves in and immediately begins a post war reconstruction project called reconciliation. By having the unlimited resources of God at work in us we discover that place of service to which He has called us in the lives of others.



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