The Pigeons Were Just Hanging Out

The pigeons were just hanging out
While the hawk snoozed on his perch
The cardinals were singing
When woodpecker went to work!

And his tapping was reminding me
We still have a job to do
So just sitting ‘round and wishing
Is not what God wants us to do 

For even though He gives us fun
And resting is just fine
He has much more for us in store
For us in Summertime

He has a garden we must plant
With rows to weed and tend
And water with our tears and prayers
Till He brings His harvest in!

Today’s Verse
Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,. 
Colossians 3:23 ESV

The Pigeons Were Just Hanging Out 
Copyright by Peter Caligiuri © 2023
All rights reserved

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The Cardinal’s Visit

Sir Cardinal came to visit
In his red coat and his hat
And soon began to sing and dance
As in our tree he sat

And while I listened to his tune
His Lady flitted down
She had come to join him dressed
In quiet grayish brown

Then with her song reminding him
Of nest and eggs and young
And how his heart must turn to home
Before his day was done!

The Cardinal’s Visit
By Peter Caligiuri
Copyright© 2023
All rights reserved

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Five Lessons From Our Feathered Friends

I rarely share from other blogs, but I was so blessed by this post from Securely Anchored that I wanted to pass it on. I do not know anything about Nancy Smith except that she is a fellow New Englander and a bird watcher. I am constantly amazed at how God teaches us some of His biggest lessons from His smallest creatures!

Our birdfeeders are strategically placed so we can view the many different species that come daily to visit. Living in New England brings different birds throughout the year as some migrate north for the warmer months and then fly south again. How do they know what to do and where to go? If we take […]

Five Lessons From Our Feathered Friends