Morning Come

When will morning come?
With the sun
With the cars
In the rush
Or riding on the bus?

And does it rise
In the skies
Unending work
On the farms
Filling up the barns?

Or could it shine
At a time
In the dark
Filled with cares
With a prayer?

Or with a light
In the night
Mary's child
God's own Son
His morning come!

Morning Come
by Peter Caligiuri
copyright 2021
All rights reserved

Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us. Luke 1:78 KJV

All That He Has in Store!

An eye that sees
An ear that hears
Are gifts from the Lord
His light will shine
His voice will speak
Each day within His Word

Don't hurry then
When morning breaks
To rush out of your door
If we can wait
Jesus will show
All that He has in store!

All That He Has in Store by Peter Caligiuri copyright 2021 all rights reserved

As we were reminiscing with friends the other day we tried explaining about the Sunday Comics to their grandson. His eyes opened wide as he puzzled over the idea of reading rather than watching cartoons. We began to each list our personal favorites and mine was Blondie. As I thought back, instantly it came to my mind the picture of Dagwood hurrying out the door, coffee cup in hand and knocking over the mailman on his way to work. We all laugh because in Dagwood’s rush we see ourselves breathlessly trying to keep up with life’s demands. But in today’s verse we find that in hurrying to put into practice our plans we miss the plans that God has in store each day. But if we would linger with that cup of coffee and give our first moments to God’s word He has promised eyes to see the pathway He had chosen for us and ears to hear Him cheer us on the way!


I have not heard an angel whisper
Or seen God in the night
No heavenly vision of the throne
Or His voice from shining light

But from my friends Mark, Luke and John
And Job and Esther brave
The news of life has come to me
In words upon the page

And ringing clear and strong within
My heart they start to grow
Revealing Father's heart in Christ
And His blood that freely flowed

Till I cried "Lord it is enough
To listen now today
As You write within my heart
Your Truth and Life and Way!

Listening by Peter Caligiuri. Copyright 2021 all rights reserved