Morning Come

When will morning come?With the sunWith the carsIn the rushOr riding on the bus?And does it riseIn the skiesUnending workOn the farmsFilling up the barns?Or could it shineAt a timeIn the darkFilled with caresWith a prayer?Or with a lightIn the nightMary’s childGod’s own SonHis morning come!Morning Come by Peter Caligiuri copyright 2021 All rights reservedContinue reading “Morning Come”

All That He Has in Store!

An eye that seesAn ear that hearsAre gifts from the LordHis light will shineHis voice will speakEach day within His WordDon’t hurry thenWhen morning breaksTo rush out of your doorIf we can waitJesus will showAll that He has in store! All That He Has in Store by Peter Caligiuri copyright 2021 all rights reserved AsContinue reading “All That He Has in Store!”


I have not heard an angel whisperOr seen God in the nightNo heavenly vision of the throneOr His voice from shining lightBut from my friends Mark, Luke and JohnAnd Job and Esther braveThe news of life has come to meIn words upon the pageAnd ringing clear and strong withinMy heart they start to growRevealing Father’sContinue reading “Listening”