Winning Over Anxiety

I confess that in spite of my faith and many decades of experience that my biggest battle has been against anxiety. But I give thanks – though not at all for the stress – that during my lowest points I have put down my roots the deepest into my relationship with Jesus. I readily identify with Peter stepping out of the boat onto the waves. It seems that getting closer to Jesus always involves facing the storm. He is close by but to walk by His side requires trusting in practical terms His care in what appears to be impossible circumstance.

I have found that the secret is not just knowing about trusting Him at those moments but to truly and totally trust in His care. That is when His hand takes hold of mine and together we walk over the wave tops and back into the boat! Maybe that is why it was Peter who gives us the promise that in the very middle of our battle we can know the most that God really cares for us.

2 thoughts on “Winning Over Anxiety

  1. Just as drought drives the roots of a plant deeper into the soil in search of water, the drought of trials in life have driven my roots of faith in God deeper in search of living water. These deep roots then only strengthen my faith when storms try to uproot me. Thanks for your encouraging words! May you feel the hand of our Lord Jesus leading you today.

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