Wearing a Towel

Lately I realized that I only have a single pair of Jeans without a spot of paint. “You know that’s your own fault.” my wife told me.

Because I forget about changing clothes when I am in a hurry to start the next project, my jeans have made me a marked man. Everyone knows what I’ve been doing by the way I am dressed.

In that same way all the disciples immediately knew what Jesus was going to do as soon as they saw the towel. He was no longer identified by the teacher’s robe, now he was dressed for a servant’s job. It would be like seeing our pastor showing up in overalls riding in the back of the sanitation truck ready to pick up your garbage. “What could Jesus be thinking?” they asked each other. But in fact Jesus was for the first time revealing to them His true identity. He had not come to be a king (not yet).

The shock of seeing their master wearing a servant’s towel would only be surpassed when they saw Him on the cross. There as He hung from its splintered beams, without even a towel, He washed us all and as the servant of all took away our sins. What a humble Savior we serve!


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