Nursing Home Prayer Request

The entry of the Corona virus into a nursing home in Washington state is a frightening development for which we need earnest prayers. As I was out singing this week at long term care facilities I paused to look at the faces. These precious but fragile brothers and sisters as well as the health care workers stand at the edge of a cliff. All the talk about not worrying because only old and sick folks are seriously at risk misses the emotional impact of the hearts of those of us who love them.

Please consider setting aside time each night to go beyond blessing the food and asking for a good night’s sleep and ask for God’s help, protection and wisdom for our long term care community.

6 thoughts on “Nursing Home Prayer Request

  1. Good point, and probably not thought of by many. No matter how old a person is, their departure can be hard on those who loved him/her. With or without the Coronavirus, those workers must go through that heart-rending experience more than the rest of us. Bless them. ❤

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