Like a Home Coming!

On my first time into Watermark Assisted Living since the beginning of the pandemic, it was great hearing my friends sing, taking their requests for songs and finding out that one elderly lady took on leading Bible studies once a week since they had been closed down. We often hear or even say things aboutContinue reading “Like a Home Coming!”

For One

Some years ago my friend Darryl suffered a major stroke. This was the worst in a series of strokes each leaving him weaker and so this time after a brief hospital stay, he was moved into a nursing home. At our church we often prayed for Darryl, but for me praying just wasn’t enough. IContinue reading “For One”

Caregiver Devotional Give-away

With this Covid-19 crisis now dragging on into mid-July the issues for those in Long Term care have changed from being a temporary adjustment to a near permanent situation. Visits through the window, masks and tearful good-byes are what is now accepted as the new normal. These emotional, physical and spiritual challenges on those whoContinue reading “Caregiver Devotional Give-away”