7 Loaves of Heaven’s Bread

For the bread of God is he who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.  John 6:33 ESV

When I was a boy I loved the smells coming from the kitchen when my mom baked bread. I could hardly wait for her to hand me a warm slice slathered with butter right from the oven. We need to ask ourselves if we are also longing to know God like that. Are we eager to come into His presence and receive a fresh word from Him each day? No matter the answer to that question now is the time to set our sights again to that Easter morning when Mary came to the tomb and became the first to see our risen Lord;



The Bread of Heaven!

Monday’s loaf was When the angels sang

And shepherds knelt And the Heavens rang

On Tuesday Mary dedicated Him

In the temple like a lamb Who was without sin

At the Jordan On Wednesday Jesus was baptized

And the dove descended On the bread of life

Thursday’s loaf was when He broke the bread

And He blessed the cup And bowed His head

Good Friday’s Bread was given for us

And His blood poured down The rough wooden cross

Saturday’s silence Was the bread of sorrows

As He lay in the tomb Waiting for tomorrow

Then on Sunday’s dawn He came as Heaven’s Bread

The stone rolled back And He rose from the dead!


Picture Taken at the Ark Experience


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