Inheriting Mercy

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.             Matthew 5:7 KJV

A few years back in the film, “The Ultimate Gift” by Jim Stovall, we see the story of a young man who is presented with the opportunity to inherit an large though undisclosed sum from his billionaire grandfather. There is a catch however; and that is that Jason must agree to follow all the instructions left by his grandfather in the will. The plot is filled with fun and adventure as young Jason Stevens discovers that to get his inheritance he must for the first time in his life get a job, make friends, and many other things without his credit cards, bank accounts or even help from his mother. Each new challenge tests Jason in a new area of his character. The climax comes near the end of the film when Jason receives 120 million dollars. He thinks it is his entire inheritance, yet because of the character transformation he has gone through he gives it all away. Only after he signs away the money to build a hospital does he receive the balance of his grandfather’s 1.2 billion dollar estate.

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In today’s verse about mercy try to picture yourself as being Jason. God is giving us both a challenge and an opportunity. By His death on the cross Jesus Christ paid the price for mercy which is His ultimate gift. God’s instructions in the Bible then guide us through a series of tests in our everyday lives to see what we will do with God’s mercy. The mercy we give to others doesn’t cost us anything, any more than Jason’s 120 million dollars. So remind yourself as you face criticism, unfair treatment or harsh words -God has forgiven us freely. If we are willing to freely give the same mercy we have received, God promises that we will receive an inheritance of a mercy far greater than we can ever know!

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5 thoughts on “Inheriting Mercy

  1. This post reminded me of a great contemporary praise and worship song called, “His Mercy is More.” I believe the title is based on the quote of one of the great Puritan pastors.

    Anyway, “The Ultimate Gift” is one of my favorite movies. The sequel, “The Ultimate Life” is also great.


  2. I loved that movie too–and appreciate the extended lesson you drew from its premise, Pastor Pete: an inheritance of a mercy awaits us, far greater than we can ever know. As one of our previous pastors used to frequently say: GLORY!

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