God’s Benefits

I confess I do not always wake up with a shout of joy as I stumble towards the coffee maker. Today with just a few hours of sleep before we get on the plane is no exception. But as we come to the end of our two week stay with family I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I see how God has been faithful to us and as I give our grandchildren parting hugs and kisses I see in their faces the reflection of heaven.

Despite their difficulties, disabilities and circumstances beyond ther control Jesus has kept us together in the bonds of His love. And in face of uncertainty He has promised benefits in today’s verse. God reminds us that He is not simply the God of the stars and eternity, He also offers to be called the God of our salvation. Imagine now what He holds in store for the future if His benefits begin with salvation! That ought to be enough to get us out of bed with a shout of joy and faith. He is going with us through whatever lies ahead and will be with us till the end!

7 thoughts on “God’s Benefits

  1. Amen, Pete! God is not just the God of the universe and of all eternity, He is the God of OUR salvation.
    Your mention of coffee is timely, as I stumbled to the coffee pot this morning only to find out it was broken. Oh well, hot tea works too.

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