Jesus is Not Under Quarentine!

We can no longer gather at our church. Small group meetings have been cancelled. Our lives have been put on hold and one knows when this will be over. But as Easter approaches God’s word had good news for our souls: His answers to our prayers are not under quarentine!

God is neither limited in His ability to come to our rescue nor is He worried about how long our situation will continue. He wants us to be encouraged because just as the Roman guards could not prevent Jesus from rising from the dead so also no disease, no job loss or social upheaval can stop His work in our hearts.

No media reports, no public scoffing, no military attack can ever separate us from God’s promises. Jesus didn’t just suffer unjustly and helplessly die. No! But through the cross He defeated forever the one who brought death and destruction into the world and secured forever our freedom. No one is like Him because Jesus is not under quarentine!

3 thoughts on “Jesus is Not Under Quarentine!

  1. One of the miracles that keeps coming to my mind these days is the way Jesus healed the centurion’s servant long-distance. He wasn’t afraid to touch the lepers, but He was also able to heal without touching at all. Whatever happens, He does what He wants. 😉

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