On the Mountain with Him

Mountain climbing is a process not just an experience. Bear mountain in Connecticut may not measure up in size against the Rockies but the view from the firetower at the summit is spectacular. I can still almost taste the wild blueberries and the pinkish white of the laurels is still unfaded in my mind. But on the day when Peter, James and John followed Jesus up the mount of transfiguration their view of life was changed for eternity. They saw now that their friend and teacher with whom they had walked for years was the only holy beloved Son of God!

Some views can not be explained they must be seen on the mountain alone with Him. Has He called you ito the process of climbing a difficult mountain trail? Your view at the summit will be worth it!

Sunrise or Sunset?

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord and the people whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance. 

Psalm 33:12

I have never been able to tell whether a photo is of a sunrise or sunset. I believe that only prayers will determine which it will be for our country. Let’s pray for God blessing and more importantly His will this Sunday. We need Him now more than ever before!