A Cheerful Heart

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.   Proverbs 17:22 NLT

I felt frustrated by the small number of people that were coming to our church service at the nursing home. It seemed despite our best efforts; fewer were coming each week and we simply rushed in and did our duty and went home without accomplishing anything.

God’s medicine for my increasingly glum attitude arrived one day at the end of the meeting. “God bless you. How are you today? Thanks for coming.” I said as I shook each person’s hands. About halfway through I came to one lady and she slipped something into my hand. When I turned my hand over and opened up my palm I discovered two shiny quarters there, looking up at me.

“No I can’t take this’” I protested.

bank black and white business cash
Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

She just smiled and said with a wink, “You keep those; there are lots more where they came from!”

I just shook my head and laughed as the dark clouds lifted from my heart. She taught me that day that real cheerfulness is based on just simply trusting that God is in charge. He is Heaven’s pharmacist and has given to each of us a prescription that must be refilled every day!

Published by pastorpete51

My wife and I serve as members of a worship team at a multicultural church. Our members are from Brazil, Nepal and the U.S.. Because of the many languages and cultures in our local body we face unique challenges, such as how many songs will we do in English today? What new songs can we use in either language that are simple enough for the people to sing. The songs, the devotions and insights here are a small portion of some of the ways God is leading us as we push towards the goal. I pray that these will be both a blessing and an encouragement for those of you who may pass by Praise 2 Worship.

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