Packing a Suitcase For Heaven

Cast your burden on the Lord , and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.
Psalms 55:22 ESV

Some burdens feel like an overweight suitcase dragging behind us as we run through the airport of life.  But God promises us that if we ask Him, He will carry it for us. In God’s calendar He has marked a day for our departure from our planet and like every other trip we must pack our suitcases. We have a close friend who has traveled so often that he joked that he could pack for overseas in 15 minutes. The reason for his boast was that he had learned the secret not only of what to bring, but also what to leave behind. When we pack for heaven that is doubly true. First be sure to include lots of mercy. Mercy takes up almost no space at all and considering how often we mess up here on earth I need plenty! 

Second be sure to include the portion of faith that God has given you. Remember that in heaven we will still walk by faith because even after we see His face we still need to trust in His goodness. And don’t forget to stuff in so much love, joy and praise that you may need to sit on your suitcase to get it closed. The way to have enough room for all these is learning what to leave behind. The first thing to take out is bitterness because it will make our luggage way too heavy. And as you are tossing that out you can put complaining back on the shelf as well. God won’t be interested to hear from us about our brother or sisters faults. He will instead show us how much it cost Him to forgive ours. God is so good and any day one of us will stand before Him. What we choose to pack or not pack for our most important journey will stay with us forever. Be sure to travel light!



3 thoughts on “Packing a Suitcase For Heaven

  1. Our pastor told about a rich man who begged God to let him bring his gold with him to heaven. He was granted his wish. When he got to the pearly gates lugging a heavy suitcase, St. Peter stopped him and said “You can’t bring that in here!” When the man explained that he had permission, St. Peter didn’t believe his story and had to go check with the Lord to confirm it. He came back, telling the man, “The Lord said it’s OK, you can come in. … but now I’m curious. Do you mind if I take a peek?” The rich man consented, and opened the suitcase for St. Peter to see what he had brought with him. St. Peter looked confused.
    “You brought pavement?”

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