The Glory of Unity!

The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one, John 17:22 ESV

It is quite poplar at church to say that we should be one in the Spirit, but much as I have tried to get a hold on that unity, it seems elusive at best. Singing about it, having communion together and shaking hands after church feels great, but my sense of unity seems to evaporate somewhere in traffic on the way home. Part of the problem is that I along with many of you don’t get the first part of the verse. When Jesus talks about glory, I get this weird image of God giving us a standing ovation in heaven or perhaps Jesus pulling the Father aside and whispering, “See Pete over there – isn’t he great!”

The problem we then run into is that, we try to work up Christian unity by our own efforts. I don’t know how that works for you but the sad truth is that I am totally incapable of doing it. Unity comes only from God’s glory and the most glorious thing that the Father ever gave Jesus, happened at His baptism. Then the Heavens opened and the Spirit descended like a dove. That is a glory that only comes as a gift (Just like Salvation). We can’t work it up, plan it into existence or take credit for it. It is a unity that only comes from heaven and it is God’s gift. To live in His unity and His glory will only happen when we place our life as a living sacrifice on His altar and then wait for His Spirit to come and bring about what only Jesus can do. That way when it happens even for a moment, He gets all power and glory forever and ever Amen!

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