Days of Hope

And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men. Mark 1:17

There is nothing that says hope quite like going fishing. We put some bait on a hook and cast it into the water and then wait just hoping for a bite. I loved the photo I used for the featured image today because it is of a Father teaching His son to fish. He doesn’t just sit on the beach and say, “Okay go for it!” No! Instead, He is right there behind him, holding the rod and showing Him everything he will need to learn to catch fish. That is what our Heavenly Father wants to do for every one of us when we answer His call to become fishers of men. He promises to stand by us and help us every step of the way! For those looking for a large print devotional for yourselves or for a loved one I have written the book 31 days of Hope. It is filled with personal stories of Hope especially for those in long term care or who are facing life altering challenges. Though originally released in 2017, this edition features many new devotionals that reflect world changing effects of the virus in all our lives. Here is the link for the Kindle version. This may be just what you need to give to someone else as an encouragement. You never know what a little hope can do!

4 thoughts on “Days of Hope

  1. You are so right–God is always standing beside us, ready to help every step of the way. Thank you for including the perfect image too of a Dad teaching his son to fish. That’s what I want to remember: My Heavenly Father has his hands on my life, ready to make the most of each moment. Thank you, Pastor Pete!

  2. I am so excited that your book arrived in my mailbox the other day. I am enjoying it so much (when it arrived, the title felt perfect for now). Thanks for this reminder of the availability of your book.

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