One Simple Miracle and Sunday Praise

As we get closer to Easter we need to remember what our faith is really about. Christianity is not about big church buildings, Christian concerts with special effects or elaborate social programs. Instead all that we are and everything we do is based on one single morning at a tomb. The body of Jesus was supposed to be inside it. The priests were counting on it because they had sent a guard. Pilate was sure of it because it was shut with a Roman seal. Even the closest friends of Jesus believed He would be there because they went with spices to prepare the body. And the grave was shut. The tomb was silent. The death from crucifixion was final….Until it wasn’t!

“You seek Jesus who was crucified” the angel said. “He is not here for He has risen as He said!” Matthew 28:5-6a And in that moment all History turned on the hinge of one simple miracle, an empty tomb and a risen Lord!

I loved this new release from The Weaver family in Pennsylvania. It is both simple and powerful- like that very first Easter morning!

3 thoughts on “One Simple Miracle and Sunday Praise

  1. This is timely, Pete. So many have turned the gospel into a checklist, when it’s a person—the Risen Christ! I enjoyed the video. The aerial view at the end was indeed a surprise. Blessings.

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