Run over anyone’s mailbox lately?

And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.   Matthew 22:39

Our neighbors may know we go to church but they also know see how we clean our house and what laundry we hang out on the line! As God’s children we need to act in loving ways to all kinds of people at all kinds of unexpected times.

Long ago when I worked on a tree trimming crew our practice was to eat our lunch in the truck on the job site. So one day while we were clearing along  a narrow road at lunch I pulled the truck off to the side as far as I could in order to allow cars to pass. When it was time to get back to work, I started up the truck and began to pulling forward when I suddenly heard a loud crunch. Slamming on the brakes and jumping out I discovered that I had run over someone’s mailbox.

Kevin, my co-worker was doubled over with laughter, “You’re in trouble now Pete!” he said with glee. I was frustrated and embarrassed but humbly I walked up the driveway, knocked on the door of the house.  What a relief it was that the lady who owned the mailbox was understanding and accepted my apology as well as my offer to come back to fix it after work.

When I got back to the truck Kevin had stopped laughing and as I started to pick up my tools to return to work he turned and said, “Now I really believe you are a Christian!”  It wasn’t too long after that when Kevin gave his heart to the Lord. So if we want to love our neighbor as ourselves  sometimes, apologizing for running over their mailbox is  the best way!

One thought on “Run over anyone’s mailbox lately?

  1. Amen. Actions speak WAY louder than words.
    A preacher (I don’t remember who, but I remember the story.) was taking a bus, and when he got to the back of the bus, realized he had been given too much change. Although it was a minuscule amount, he made his way to the front again, handed the coins to the driver, and said, “You gave me too much change.”
    “I know,” said the driver. “I heard you preach last night. I wanted to know if you were for real.”

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