Retirement in 3 Chapters

Just 6 months ago my wife and I decided to finally make the decision to retire and move to Florida. She had finished her chemotherapy and was recovering her strength. The sale of our business was finalized and the transition completed. Even our kids and grandkids were urging us to make the plunge. Everything seemed so right and we moved ahead with as much enthusiasm as we could towards a new and uncertain future. For the benefit of anyone in our position or who are thinking about retirement here are three chapters we have passed through. Some days have been great and some have been stressed and even traumatic.

Chapter One… Wahoo we’re in Florida! No more more snow…no more 4-5 long colorless months of barren cold landscapes!!

Chapter Two…oh noooo we’re in Florida! It’s 1200 miles to the nearest friend or family. Everybody seems to be trying to sell us something and the water tastes like someone washed their gym socks in it!

Chapter Three… Oh I see -God has been in Florida long before we came. He knows all the answers and has called this new place our home!

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