I used to tell the men who worked for me “My job is to make your job easier.” usually this involved explaining why I wanted them to do something a particular way. I believe it is a natural tendency for us all to think that the boss has only his own interests at heart.

Maybe that is also what Jesus is trying to tell us. He wants us to know that the things He teaches us to do are not just about making Him happy. He wants to make our job easier and our load lighter by giving His joy to us. The kind of joy that Jesus gives is the same joy that guided His steps all the way to the cross. It was a powerful unstoppable joy that didn’t end with the tomb being sealed by soldiers. It wasn’t extinguished in darkness behind the stone. It was a joy that waited patiently for resurrection to a life that was greater than any enemy: even death! The impact and power of this joy He gives can now be ours with nothing able to take it away!

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