Nursing Home Week

If you are not involved with Nursing home ministry you may not know but this week is national nursing home week in America. I would love to see many more people getting connected with nursing home ministry but not for the wrong reasons. We don’t go just because we feel sad or sorry for people. We go as an expression of the love of Christ. Nursing homes are not just a location, they are a needed part of our community.  People who live in nursing homes carry the memories, experiences and wisdom of an entire generation that is entering the final chapter of their lives. The most important part of any story is its conclusion and we stand in danger of missing it if we forget them.

If you would consider getting involved in nursing home outreach where you live but aren’t sure where to begin then Nursing Home Ministry – The Heart of Jesus Christ

is a resource that offers an inspirational look into the basics. Nursing Home Ministry thumbnailYou may feel you don’t have a lot to give but Jesus told us that if we gave even a cup of cold water in His name we would be doing something of value to God. God has given each of us a cup and it doesn’t matter the size or shape of our cup. What matters is if we are willing to give it away!



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