What would Jesus think?

Some years ago it became popular to have the letters WWJD on a bracelet. That acronym asked “What would Jesus do?”

The answer often seems clear i.e. would Jesus rob the convenient mart? Would Jesus buy cocaine? Would Jesus swindle the car insurance company? What is not always obvious are questions like, “Would Jesus marry Jody? What does He think about a 5 year car loan vs a lease? Can my teenage daughter go on dates? That is when we need to ask, “What would Jesus Think? What is His opinion of my friends, my career choice or my activities at church?

James gives us some great guidelines to help us pick out of the crowd of ideas, the guidance that comes from God.

I always remember the saying of Pastor Rick Warren, “God loves you and everybody else has a wonderful plan for your life!” Just like the Nike swoosh tells us which clothing is theirs so God’s plan has some trademarks.

First comes purity. There can be no hidden selfish motive in the direction God leads. Using friendship for profit or manipulating our family for personal advancement cannot be an acceptable way of thinking before Jesus.

Next our choices that line up with His will carry with them a sense of His peace. No matter what people say no what happens we find a supernatural trust rises in our hearts in the face of conflict.

Last of all is the quiet loving gentle strength we receive as we stay with God’s way of thinking. His thoughts in our hearts are like good seed. The longer they stay and the deeper they are planted the bigger the fruit and greater the harvest will be!

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