D-Day in Bethlehem

June 6  1944 was the date for the invasion of Normandy by the Allied forces under the command of General Dwight Eisenhower. In the dark of night a fleet of ships silently carried an invading army to beaches code-named Omaha, Utah, Gold, Juno and Sword. Despite the element of surprise and careful planning heavy casualties were suffered as the liberation of Europe from Hitler and the Nazi regime began.


In a field just outside of Bethlehem another army readied itself to invade earth. We often hear of a heavenly choir appearing to the shepherds but the Greek word stratia, which the King James version translates as hosts meant an assembled army. This was not just a bunch of white-robed musicians playing harps in the sky. This was a part of God’s invasion force rejoicing at the successful insertion of their general into the enemy’s territory! Victory was in sight. Peace was to come but not through a treaty. Peace would be the result of the ultimate defeat of the evil regime reigning on the earth and the crowning of the Prince of Peace on His victorious return from the field of combat. Yes Christmas was more than gentle shepherds and sweet angels. It was God’s expeditionary army of light led by General Jesus coming to bring His peace on earth to men on whom His favor rests!

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