Seasons of Song – Poetry

For those who have followed this blog for a while you’ll remember that I sometimes post some of my original verses which have also been published in various periodicals and a few are original songs which appear in my Youtube channel. This year God put it on my heart compile a collection of those poems and songs. Today I am excited to announce after almost six months of rewriting, editing and organizing them around the theme of the four seasons of life, that Seasons of Song is now available in e-book format with the softcover coming out in a few days. Yay!! If you have enjoyed any of those light hearted springtime poems such as wondrous Nose; Ears and True Confessions of a Belly-Acher, you may also appreciate some of the more serious verses that appear in the fall and winter chapters.

If you wish to go directly to the page for Seasons of Song here is the link:

Though our calendar year begins with winter, God’s begins with Spring. He has planned for us each station of the years of our life. This collection begins with the fun and exciting Springtime melodies of childhood. Next the adventurous chorus of youth challenges us to grow as far and as fast as our strength can hold out. Only then can Summer give way to the harmonies of harvest purposely weaving together the threads of God’s grace. But just as no year is complete without a winter so the symphony of life cannot finish without winter. Just the thought of that fourth and final season can make us tremble. But Faith shouts “Don’t be afraid! These poems and songs remind us again of why our year has been lived and give courage to our voice for singing every one of our season’s songs till we meet in the presence of heaven’s song leader, our Lord Jesus Christ.

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