Father Forgive

And Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” And they cast lots to divide his garments.   Luke 23:34 KJV


Whenever the president goes about nominating anyone for service in the government he makes up what people often refer to as a short list of names. These are the most qualified, smartest and powerful folks available. Add to those qualities the need of their having no embarrassing past, no criminal record or financial entanglements. Only after the best of the best have been narrowed down is the final the choice made. The good news for us is that God works in a different manner. His short list of candidates included corrupt politicians like Pilate; condemned criminals like the thieves being crucified with him and even a disciple named Peter who had denied him three times. Our greatest hope in the promise of Easter is in the forgiveness of sins that Jesus offers. We are as far from God as the soldiers who nailed His hands to the cross and Jesus reaches out to all of us in His prayer.


Do you feel far from God’s plans for your life? Do you feel hopelessly tangled in a lifestyle that is leading you away from Him? The best news in the universe is; even if you had been one of those who gathered the thorns that were plaited into His crown, He would still want you as His child!

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