Free Caregivers Devotional

As we move further into the new normal of Corona life more and more people may find that they are becoming a caregiver in a new sense of the word. Children are home and with even the parks closed we are being forced to come up with new ways of engaging with them, encouraging them and even helping with their online class work. For others who have a senior in the home, the reality that the senior centers, churches and restaurants are now closed means spending a lot more time with mom, dad, Aunt Linda or Uncle Bill. Though being a caregiver is a part of what we are designed by God to do, it can also be exhausting, intimidating and frustrating. When I wrote Grace for the Road it never entered my mind that it was for more than just people with friends or family either in Long Term care or with special needs at home. My small contribution this week is a free down load from now till Monday of a 30 day devotional written just for you. It is a combination of true stories from my several decades of ministry in long term care facilities, memories of our own family and a simple Bible based encouragement for the day. If you are suddenly a newly minted caregiver then my prayer is that this free resource may be a blessing to you.

Grace for the Road by Peter Caligiuri is available on Amazon and you can either search for that title or go directly to the listing by clicking on the link below.  So the until we break out into the sunshine from under this Covid-19 cloud in the words of Tiny Tim; “God bless us every one!”

Grace For The Road

Grace for the Road image

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