Hymn Session 2

Now entering into the end of two weeks unable to sing for the services at several area nursing homes I am making short sing along video sessions of hymns that people have loved over the years. If you’re getting a bit of cabin fever like we are why not join in. When we lift up the name of Jesus it is always amazing how He reaches down and lifts up our hearts! Is it a modern professional recording? Absolutely not! But I pray you will be blessed. God has not forgotten a single one of us and He is inviting us to call on Him today!




2 thoughts on “Hymn Session 2

    • Sounds wonderful. None of the 3 homes have either balconies or windows that open. I have been bringing in flowers and a devotional newsletter and a link to a video each week. It is a steep learning curve and I am open to any ideas and welcome people’s prayers.

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