Free Book Day – Nursing Home Ministry

Today  I am going out again to nursing home ministry as I have had the honor to do for almost 30 years. About ten years ago I began writing about this special mission field in hopes to pass along some of what God has helped me to learn. So as my small gift to you my readers, today or tomorrow anyone who would like my most recent book on nursing home ministry can down load it for free.

New Frontiers is not only a brand new manuscript but it also offers a new approach to what many of us call nursing home ministry. Today even the term; “nursing home” is no longer adequate to describe the multiple types of long term care that are becoming the new normal. Wherever God is calling you and me; whether to special needs ministry; outreach to an assisted living community or bringing music to a memory care unit; we are all involved in long term care ministry. New Frontiers is about learning how together, with God’s help, we can make a difference in some one’s life today!

New Frontiers in Nursing Home Ministry

New Frontiers

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