Energy Assistance

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 KJV

I looked for the telephone number for energy assistance that was at the bottom of our power bill and began slowly dialing. “May I help you?” a friendly voice answered almost immediately.

“I was wondering if I could apply for low income help for our energy bill this winter because I haven’t been working full time.” I humbly said.

“Okay well let me get your information. “The lady began. First I gave my name, address and date of birth. Then began a series of questions about our family size, estimated income, and how much money we had in our bank account. “Well I see you will qualify.” The lady finally told me.

“Wow that’s great, so what do we do next?” I asked

“First there’s some bad news.” she said apologetically. “The problem is that  our state’s low income heating assistance program has run out of funding this year.”

Did you ever stop to realize that God created us with needs so that we would come to Him for His heavenly assistance program? When we call to Him in prayer, He won’t tell us He’ll call back later when the funding is approved. His riches in glory never run out! If we need mercy, healing, encouragement, or strength; these are always on hand and available for immediate deposit. God’s promise is that if we trust in Him alone, our bill will be paid in full and all the energy assistance we need will be freely supplied through our Jesus Christ our Lord!

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