Thanks Dad!

At a press conference when he was still the mayor of New York , Rudy Giuliani was asked how hard it was being both the mayor and a father. His reply began ” Being mayor is easy…”

I am so thankful to God for my Dad and I am still amazed at how easy he made being a father seem!

There is a verse in the Bible that says to teach our children God’s word while we are doing just the ordinary things of life. That is how my Dad lived. Whether he was washing the shop floor, taking us out to eat or sitting next to us in church he was patient, thoughtful and kind. He never yelled at me, called me names or made me feel small even when I deserved it. I learned more about God and how to be a father by watching Dad drive through New York at rush hour than I got from 1,000 sermons. Thanks Dad for all the wonderful memories. I’ll see you just a little later. Happy Father’s Day!

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