The Power of Grace

I have been reading in my morning devotions about King Solomon. He was blessed by God with wisdom riches and peace. He built the first temple and consecrated it to God. His kingdom was unequaled in all the history of Israel. Beyond all of his accomplishments he also had the experience of God himself appearing to him. Solomon had so much going for him yet sadly he ended his life sacrificing to idols and building their temples. He was so blessed yet wandered so far from God.

Then I look to the New Testament and see the life of Paul. He began with privilege, wealth, and a good place in society. He was religious and respected but he was far from God. Then God appeared to Paul And his life was changed. But instead of being blessed Paul looks like he was cursed. He was rejected, impoverished, arrested and eventually executed.

Paul was confused and prayed for God to change things. It is comforting to realize how much he was just like us. He didn’t have it all together. He didn’t know all the answers. In fact Paul had none of the things we associate with success. But Paul had everything because God gave him grace! The good news is that God has grace available for us at the doctor’s office and in the hospital room. He has grace at the kitchen table filled with unpaid bills. He has grace when we are in a car accident even when it’s our fault. He has grace when we have made bad decisions and when we sin. He is the God of all mercy and our hope for this day!

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