Giving or Getting?

For each one shall bear his own load. Galatians 6:5 NKJV Carrying my own load means finding the grace of Jesus in my hour of need. Carrying my brother and sisters burden means helping them with the grace that was given to me.

Real help for Real trouble

Sometimes it is comforting to hide behind a wall of silence in an attempt to maintain an appearance of okay-nes. But walls and pretending do nothing to help. The reality is that every day without God’s help we are free falling ever deeper into the dark abyss of fear. How wonderfully loving of our God…

All Grace

When I have problems and am helplessly facing the overwhelming I have hope. I hope because our God is the God of all grace! His grace that rescued me yesterday is still as vital today. His promise to be with us always includes this very second. How great a peace He offers when I trust…

Amazing Grace

I was blind but now I see is the deepest theology we will ever need when we face challenges, difficulties or failures. Thank God for His amazing grace!

In the Shadow

Often when I think of the shadow of the cross it brings to mind an image sorrow brooding like a storm on the horizon. But during worship on Sunday morning I saw that shadow as my place of protection. When the darkness of death covered the life of Jesus on the cross, its shadow covered…