Good Morning

Have you ever noticed the three different greetings we use at different times of the day. Good night more or less means “goodbye” and sometimes carries with it a thankful looking back at our shared time. Good afternoon usually is “Hi how are you?” We use this greeting rarely maybe because we are too busy doing things to stop and share our day with others.

But best of all the three is “Good morning!” We use this more often and with more meanings. It can mean, “I’m so glad to see you as we begin this day together!” We also say this as a blessing, as if to say “I wish you well as you begin your new day!” Of the three greetings this is the one most likely to begin a conversation. We are saying “I am glad to see you and how you are doing?” Whatever your reason for “Good morning!” why not try using your first greeting of the day for Jesus Christ? He is glad when we come to Him first. He is reserving special blessings for today. God delights to hear our voice and wants to share our say with Him. So why not begin today first with Him? May His voice be the first we hear the one we listen to through the day so you can look back on your shared time together and be thankful at the day’s end!

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