Welcome Home!

When we are praying and asking God for help it is a great comfort to know that He is not irritated or annoyed by our requests. We are not bothering him. He is not too busy doing something more important. In fact

1509619173182_image.jpgtoday’s scripture reminds us that in fact God is saying, “I’m so glad you came and asked!”

He is glad because when we ask our Father for help, we are recognizing Him as the one who can provide our needs. God is not a cheap skate. He is not a miser sitting on His throne counting the eternal gold of heaven. God is the biggest giver in the universe and is delighted to promise that we will receive.

God is happy when we seek. He sent stars for wise men, dreams to men like Joseph, and angels to women like Mary. He wants us to find what we are looking for. Jesus said that He was the way to the Father because He had come from heaven and He knew His way back home!

One afternoon when I was working as a salesman I arrived for an appointment with a customer who was expecting me. As I knocked on the door I heard loud barking and the sound of dogs running. In my mind I pictured Doberman Pincers lunging for my throat, so I grabbed onto a porch pillar and jumped up on the railing. As I nervously prepared to fend off the attack, two happy looking Golden retrievers came bounding around from the back of the house and up the stairs wagging their tails. Next, the front door opened to reveal a very surprised  and amused customer! That may be just a funny story but it is exactly the way many of us come to God. We are afraid of what might happen when we knock,. We are not sure what He will do with us and anything unexpected we regard as an impending attack. But God is not angry with us for coming. God is willing to give us all that we ask. He is waiting just inside the door ready to open if we will only knock!

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