The Forgotten Commandment

1509799548052_image.jpgWe Protestants are often pointing out the second commandment but are quite short on remembering the fourth. The phrase “Protestant work ethic” has come down through the years for a reason. We are big on work but sadly short on rest.

When a visitor appears in our church we often show them all the ministries they can be involved with almost like inviting them to apply for a job. It is easy for us as we rush through our busy lives to forget that the first twelve apostles left their work to follow Jesus. Jesus never said, “Come follow me because I have a job for you!” What we need to do is to offer rest to those around us wearied by the task master of this world. God Himself rested on the Sabbath day and He made it Holy. He has given it to us as a gift not a demand. Which of us will pause long enough between all the things we are persuaded we have to do in order to open His gift to us this weekend. Be blessed. and rest for a while with Jesus!

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