An Open Door

At our local Home Depot service desk I over heard a lady remarking, ” The reason that I have to return this doorbell is that our house is just too big!” Aren’t you glad that as big as God’s house is, His ears are still sensitive enough to hear us when we call? Don’t be afraid to keep on seeking, asking and knocking. It is Jesus Himself who has invited us  and He is inside waiting for us to come!1507543886312_image.jpg

A Door of Faith

Now when they had come and gathered the church together, they reported all that God had done with them, and that He had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles. Acts 14:27IMG_3249

A door is something that keeps things out. A door is something that keeps things in. A door is meant to be locked. A door is meant to be opened. Every home has a doorway.  When our doors are locked it gives us a safe place to live. Our home is also our base of operations from which we can choose to go out into life.

So often when we say things like, “God opened the door” or “God closed the door” we are speaking of personal opportunities granted or denied. But in Acts, Paul reports back to his home church that God had opened a door of faith for others, through his ministry. Paul’s calling was to help people find their way through the door. It wasn’t about Paul’s opportunity or about Paul’s success, it was about God opening opportunity for others to find eternal life.

A door is the difference between a home and a monument. Paul saw that God wanted to use him to build a heavenly home for others, not a monument to his own success. Today there is still a door of faith that God is giving. We get to choose whether we will lock the door and stay inside or walk through to what we can believe by faith is on the other side!