Seven Words – On a Friday Afternoon

Seven words our Savior spoke
As He was dying there
Three words of comfort gently said
Three more He asked in prayer
First He cried out “O I thirst!” 
But they gave him vinegar

Then, “Father forgive they do not know
What they have done to Me.”
Next to the dying thief He spoke
“In paradise you’ll be.”
And to John and Mary whispered
“My friend and faithful Mother
Remember that from this day on
To care for one another.”

“My God – My God O why have You
Forsaken Me this day?”
Echoed down from that dark hill
Now, “It’s finished!” they heard Him say
The Father’s will was done and then
“Into Your hands.” He sighed
And as the world looked on in wonder
Our Lord was crucified

Seven Words by Peter Caligiuri
Copyright © 2020
All rights reserved

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