Love Lifted Me at Easter

Though you might think that Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art or In the Garden might be the most requested hymns. But at Sunshine Memory Care, “Love Lifted Me!” is their favorite. You can hear the joy in their voices as they join with me as we song this song, but with a different message on this Easter week. I hope you will enjoy listening in and pray for more volunteers so that we can bring this message of hope to many others who are sinking deep in sorrow, loneliness as well as sin. Jesus specializes in lifting us up whenever we look to Him! (And not just at Easter!)

4 thoughts on “Love Lifted Me at Easter

  1. Pastor Pete, you and your songs are always a blessing to me!!
    You are on my nightly prayer walk when the Lord and I “walk through Florida,” we always stop for a moment and talk about you and your ministry. You’re gonna have one beautiful crown to throw down before our Lord when we see Jesus!
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    • Thanks friend. I’m glad you enjoyed our sing-a-long. I can’t wait to meet my friends in memory care and see them as God already sees their hearts as they sing. Getting to worship together in Heaven will be the best crown of all.

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