The Cardinal’s Visit

Sir Cardinal came to visit
In his red coat and his hat
And soon began to sing and dance
As in our tree he sat

And while I listened to his tune
His Lady flitted down
She had come to join him dressed
In quiet grayish brown

Then with her song reminding him
Of nest and eggs and young
And how his heart must turn to home
Before his day was done!

The Cardinal’s Visit
By Peter Caligiuri
Copyright© 2023
All rights reserved

Photo by Skyler Ewing on

2 thoughts on “The Cardinal’s Visit

  1. I love this Pastor Pete and truly fitting to the cardinal. I enjoy their springtime song. Usually, they are the first birds I hear in the morning when I take the dogs out before dawn. I think they like to get a jumpstart on all the other music makers in the neighborhood.

    • All year we have a mockingbird in our little tree but lately this Cardinal has been showing up. Today he is alone, but last week when I wrote this his lady friend joined him (but on a separate branch).

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