Before We Had Faces

Before we had faces
And we had no voice at all
When no one else could see us
And we were small – small – small

God pulled out the plans He’d made
And Laid them out to see
And then traced out the pattern
He would use for you and me

First He penciled in some happy days
To balance days of grief
And over all he poured His grace
To help our unbelief

Then He stamped His image on our hearts
And He signed the bottom line
So we would be delivered
At exactly His own time!

Before We Had Faces by Peter Caligiuri
Copyright ©2022
All Rights Reserved

7 thoughts on “Before We Had Faces

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  2. Beautiful Pastor Pete. This is the perfect poem to go in a new baby card. We had a busy box like the one in the bottom picture growing up. By the time my younger brother and I came a long the bell no longer dinged but the other parts worked.

    • Please feel free if you would like to do that. I may ask a friend of ours who makes framed art with shell creations to make a custom frame for this. She did one for another poem last year and it came out beautifully.

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