One Loaf of Bread

Even if God showers us
 With ten thousand days times three
We cannot save a single one 
For ourselves keep

Like manna in the wilderness 
He gives one loaf each day
And asks us with our neighbor to
 Share it along the way

But when we hoard it is a sin 
An unbelieving seed 
And traveling with that visitor 
Are worry, stress and greed

Till soon that good, sweet manna
Turns to be as dry as sand
Until we joyfully accept
What God puts into our hands

Then by His daily miracle
He teaches us to trust
That even just one loaf of bread
In God’s own hand is much!

Our fathers ate the manna in the wilderness; as it is written, 
‘He gave them bread from heaven to eat'
John 6:31 ESV

One Loaf of Bread by Peter Caligiuri copyright 2022 all rights reserved

Photo by Bruno Thethe on

4 thoughts on “One Loaf of Bread

  1. Oh, that’s wonderful, Pastor Pete! That third verse about hoarding spoke to me, as the hoarding of time came to mind. / Lord, remind me that when you prompt me to give away my time to another, you are more than capable of redeeming that time.

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