Blessed Assurance

Yes the parades, with green hair, green beer and even a green river here in Tampa are past, but Saint Patrick’s day is not till this Thursday. It is interesting to remember that Saint Patrick wasn’t even Irish! The best part of his story did not even begin until after being kidnapped and enslaved, then escaping back to England when he committed his life to Christ. Later Patrick returned to Ireland with the message of the gospel and his story is in many ways like each of ours. Like Patrick we have plenty of unexpected and unwanted events that happen to us. But whatever difficulties we face that keep us up at night we can also have that same blessed assurance when we choose to follow Jesus. We will never know just where He will send us with His message of hope and grace until we surrender to Him and receive His Blessed Assurance in our soul.

7 thoughts on “Blessed Assurance

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  3. Pastor Pete, you always seem to select my favorite songs! I’ll be singing the chorus to this the rest of the day:) It’s appropriate that I’m reading this post on March 17th. Thanks to Veggie Tales my kids learned early on that St. Patrick was an incredible missionary not just the name of a day where 4 leaf clovers, leprechauns, and wearing green is emphasized. It is sad that most do not know this man’s incredible story.

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