With Us Always!

While we sat together in our favorite restaurant after the Christmas Eve service it was hard to imagine (or even remember!) that we have celebrated 48 Christmases together. Through both the wonderful and the most difficult times God has shown us that He is good. He has been faithful and because He chose to come to Bethlehem, He has been with us.

But God with us is only good news because of grace. If He came only with justice then Emmanuel – God with us- is very bad news indeed. But He came to seek out and save us if we will only stop running and allow ourselves to be found. So, Merry Christmas and may His grace reach down to wherever you are and remind you that He came for you as well. Nothing more important was on His agenda that first Christmas morning and nothing matters more to Him today than your soul and your heart. He is our Emmanuel – God with us – both now and always!

5 thoughts on “With Us Always!

  1. Congrats on 48 years together, Pastor Pete! Yes, it’s a great thing that God came to us with grace. That line the angel said to the shepherds sums it up: “Peace, good will to all men.” God has good will toward us, even when we’ve turned Him away. Merry Christmas to you, and yours, as well!

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