Taking Care of Mom!

Today I am praying for another person serving in long term care ministry who is facing difficulties in continuing their ministry. The way we all serve has been challenged because-we have not only seen homes closed without notice and restrictions placed on how we can serve but also the lack of understanding in the church of how to help in practical ways.

If you are involved as a caregiver, chaplain, family member or friend,don’t give up whatever the difficulties. Jesus loves widows and orphans and their care has been entrusted us since the moment He gave Mary to John to take care of. She was not given to John as a problem to solve or a burden to carry but as a mother to love and provide for. Our calling as long term care workers is to keep on loving them in every way possible and through every opportunity that God puts in our hands. Notice also that none of the other 10 disciples ever understood or helped John out. While Peter and Paul had big public ministries, John stayed close to home. He was taking care of Mary as a life long commitment. That is our call. It is a life long trust. Some people “get it and others will not but Jesus knows and will give us strength and help and provision because after all- we are taking care of His mom!

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