Where Does Faith Begin?

Sadly, due to the Delta Variant some of our facilities are closing down again regardless of the vaccine status of volunteers, friends or family members. It is frustrating but understandable as nothing is more important than the well being of the residents whom I visit. Those of you who follow my blog probably know of the visitation side of the ministry but may not be aware that I along with two other volunteers have been producing a weekly newsletter which goes directly to about 7 facilities in Florida and Western New York State. If anyone is interested to sign up to receive this free resource please let me know. Also please be praying for God to use our simple videos and newsletters. More than ever they are the only point of contact we have to share the hope and love of Jesus with our friends in long term care. Thank you for your partnership in this outreach. Let me know if you have any special prayer requests. God knows the answers to how this ends. So here is the video for this week in which I ask the question of where our faith begins. The hymn is one of my favorites, “Are You Washed in the Blood!”  Have a blessed week all!

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