Than Any Dreams

Today I recalled a song that I loved as a teen-ager by Joni Mitchell called, “Both Sides” There was something hauntingly beautiful about her lyrics (and her voice!) singing about the other side of clouds and dreams. But at the time that was another side that was unknown to me. I was so sure of right and wrong and completely rejected any kind of made up religion. Then life happened and my concepts, my hopes and my own dreams broke down, and got mired in a mud pit. That is where Jesus found me and I am so glad He did. This simple contemplative glance back shares a little of my journey and I pray it may be a blessing to you as well.

Than Any Dreams Could Be

The future was so far away
And I had dreams and hopes so true
I hadn’t time for growing old
There was so much to do

Till aches and pains became my friends
That stumbled on my way
And loss and grief showed up to greet
My heart from day to day

Then weaknesses and failures came
To teach Christ’s way for me
And show His cross was precious more
Than any dreams could be!

Than Any Dreams Could Be -by Peter Caligiuri
copyright 2021 All Rights reserved

It occurred to me today that some of my younger generation readers have no idea of who Joni Mitchell is (I get Mom liked The Tommy Dorsey Band but I never heard of him from anyone else!) So here is a link to her live performance of that song, though the audio recording is poor, it actually shows Joni in concert.

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